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    Is a whole laundry!

    Wash the entire pillow! Functional pillow made of cotton,
    laundry for the whole pillow.

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    Write functionality
    pillows suck

    You can keep your health by washing the entire pillow
    to remove bacteria and germs inside of pillow

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    Doublesided pillow

    COTTON SHOWER pillows are in two colors You can choose which color
    to appear outside with your taste. After using one side, you may turn
    the pillow inside out and enjoy the fresh side.

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    Design for excellence
    in breathable

    The ergonomic design to induce a good night sleep.

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    Two kinds of posture correction

    A structure that encourages a healthy sleeping posture with 2 different
    shape that has Crown support hole and Arch hole.
    Helps keep your necks 'C' shape to induce a healthy sleeping posture.

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    Suit your body type

    When the pillow is high : Press down the middle
    part and smooth to lower the cervical vertebral area.