• Dullo WaveTex Pillowcase

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Dullo WaveTex Pillowcase

Top Features

The Upper Third of the Pillow is Super Stretchy

The expandable band is made from the Lycra fabric that's often used in underwear and yoga pants. Thanks to this amazing stretchability, you can fit any pillows into the Dullo WaveTex Pillowcase. Try to fit 1-4 pillows; choose memory foams, cotton, goose downs, micro-fibers, or any other fillings. We tried to fit 3 pillows inside. See it yourself:

No Sweats - Super Cooling with 3D Surfaces

the WaveTex features perfect ventilation - helps to keep you sleeping with an optimal temperature. Super satisfying to touch.

Portable & Washable

take it anywhere so always feel like you're sleeping at home. Also, extremely durable and lint-free-wash it as many times as youwant to always feel it new and fresh.

No Harsh Chemicals

WaveTex is never treated with chemicals that create artifical cooling sensation. As natural as it gets.


Lint-free & wrinkle, shrink, fade, and stain-resistant


Dec 01, 2020


Dullo Pillow


Cotton Shower Pillow Inc

The cotton shower will be together with 30% of your life.

GaonHeal(cotton shower brand), even bacteria in the pillow Whole laundry function Universalize cotton pillow Improvement of “comfortable sleep of customers” I philosophically research and develop. Cotton shower is your comfort It induces healthy sleep.

There is another cotton suitable for washing

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There are many kinds of cotton balls which are washable because technology develops.
For ordinary pillows, the size of cotton fibers used is 7 denier and 60mm~70mm.
When the pad is dry after washing, the shapeof the pillow will be different from the first time.
The cotton shower pillow is made up of cotton fibers size of 3-denier and 32mm short

James Lee

The clean inside barrel is exactly healthy.

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Do you know that there are more bacteria in the pillow than the toilet.
The stain on the pillow is the house of ticks. Droplets from the mouth, foreign matter, and keratin from the skin are glued to pillow and increase the number of bacteria exponentially.
The cotton shower that is possible to wash

James Lee
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