WaveTex : Cooling Comfort Without Harsh Chemicals

Incredibly softclean, and beautifully designed, our pillowcases are engineered with some of the most advanced textiles that are naturally cooling and hypoallergenic... It's called WaveTex! And, we made a pillowcase with it.

  • 3-dimensional pattern, shaped like ocean waves; therefore, no artificial cooling 'effect' that may causes 'skin problems'
  • Pre-shrunk, Lint-free
  • Made of Premium Cotton 

So, How’s Revolutionary WaveTex Obtained? 

This WaveTex fabric is created through a natural and elegant process through which the fabric is boiled and dried at very high heat, removing lint and other impurities. That alone makes the WaveTex completely lint-free. Then comes the tumble dry stage of the fabric development, after which there is a natural shrinkage process that ends up organically creating the distinctive wave pattern it features. This is also how the unique aesthetics of this pillow is created: beyond its functionality and comfort it offers, the WaveTex will look spectacular on your bed!  

 In this natural pigment dying process, no harsh chemical treatment has been applied to the fabric what-so-ever; therefore, providing the most natural sleep environment possible. Naturally, pre-shrunk, lint-free, and machine-washable. Look at this in detail once more. It's super satisfying to touch and feel. 

Important Note: Rather than using harsh chemicals applied to the fabric and pillow directly, we made these pillow super eco-friendly. Also, no fake cooling 'effect' and 'skin problems' from coolants on textiles. The fewer chemicals, the better it is for you.


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