Rest on sound "Ear-free NiteBuds"

In the limited span of life time, we all seek for the better and more valuable life. Yet, are you not missing the values of the present in the chase of the future? The change can be made right here, right now. We need more breaks. More high-quality breaks. And the quality of life can be decided by the quality of sleep you get.

Our goal is to change how people hear and use sounds in sleeps. The basic idea was simple but complicated. Bound together with a passion for the high-quality sound, people with different hearing abilities and the comfort – we have put together our knowledge and experiences to offer the best comfort and relaxation to many people by setting their ears free.

We aimed for no irritation on the ears (ear-free) and no disturbance with comfortableness, but delivery of high-quality 3D sound. The critical aspect of designing the product was to make sure the sound is clearly delivered from the speaker in the pillow, while not having the speaker disturbing the sleep. After a long research on materials, we finally developed a 3D mesh material. 
The mesh of different thicknesses from 2mm to 5mm were tested. The final product was made with 2 layers of 5mm mesh, which allows delivery of high quality sound while keeping the soft and fluffy texture of the pillow.

The rich and full sound is delivered at a distance from the ears. The crater-like structure prevents sound from escaping, so keeping the sound volume under 30% will not disturb the person next to the user. The USB-C TYPE connector and electronic devices are located at 5cm behind each ear in a form of small and flat module. The length of the cable can be adjusted to keep the quality of sound regardless of the size of the head of the user. The flat insert pouch is connected to the module through an electric cable around the rear side of the product, so that the speaker does not move with any posture of the user.

Ear-free Nitebuds allows you to adjust the height of your pillow. Everyone has different shapes of body and different sleeping posture, so you can fill more or remove the cotton pouches to adjust the height of the pillow that fits your body. When you lie down, the pillow gently supports along the curve of your neck. According to the recent pillow-technology, the support along the line from the shoulders to the upper neck helps keeping the healthy C-curve on your neck. 

This design prevents the headphone from moving. Also, the headphone can be adjusted to fit to the head of the user. It is shaped so that the side of the head leans against on it and so that it can be adjusted to fit to the shape of the head and the ears of the user.