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Cottonshower Dullo Insert Pillow Cover Adjustable Cooling Pillowcase Patented Technology Insert Pouch for Ice Pack Phytoncide Neck Support Cooling Fiber Breathable Soft Cotton


  • [PESONALIZED] Customise height and function of pillow according to your sleeping patterns and body shape
  • [INSERT POUCH] Insert pouch with cotton to adjust neck support and height. Use included ice pouch for ultra-cooling effect or phytoncide pouch to feel the natural healing power of trees
  • [SOFT COOL & BRETHABLE] Luxurious wave pattern with light and cool pigment fabric for pleasant sleep. This soft cotton material breathes while absorbing perspiration without gathering dust or fluff
  • [EASY TO LAUNDER] Machine washable without having to separate the cover. Simply use a mesh laundry bag and wash
  • [PATENTED AND AWARDED] Recognized and received awards in Korea for innovation and excellence of the product

Dullo plus Pillow

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