[Amazon] Dullo Washable Adjustable Ergonomic Cervical Neck Support Pillow

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Color: Blue


  • 🌙[Chiropractor and Orthopedic Recommended Ergonomic Design] The center crater and two neck support tubes help support the neck's natural c-curve, improving sleep quality. The contour design is good for relieving shoulder, neck and back pain.
  • 🌙[Customizable and Adjustable] The neck support tubes accommodate different neck lengths. Zippers on the sides allow users to adjust the height by removing one side. The back and front design provides proper support for both back and side sleepers.
  • 🌙[Machine Washable] Changing the pillow cover isn't enough to keep the pillow clean. Dullo neck pillow is washable in its entirety due to the coated microfiber, which is water-resistant and easy to dry so you can always keep it hygienic and fresh.
  • 🌙[Hypoallergenic and Hygienic] Eco friendly cotton protects from dust allergies and is safe to use for babies, kids, and sensitive skin. Its structure and breathable filler create maximum air ventilation and help users stay cool at night.
  • 🌙[Multi Functional-use] If you are side sleeper, place your knee between the pillows to ease pressure on legs for proper alignment if you are side sleeper, during pregnancy or have a knee injury. Or, use it as a cushion on a desk at home or backrest by unzipping one side.


Details: Cotton Shower Pillow's Design Story
Cotton Shower's neck pillow was developed after much trial and error in order to improve the inconvenience of non-washable pillows. We have studied various types of cotton to optimize it for washing, as well as various shapes and structures, which provides long lasting neck support. As development continued, we became absorbed in finding a structural pillow for sleeping to help correct incorrect sleeping posture and were able to make an affordable but innovative solution.

Dullo Pillow helps
• Insomnia
• Anxiety
• Stress
• Neck pain
• Back pain
• Shoulder pain
• Knee pain
• Tiredness

Crown(front) side provides the best support for back sleepers
Arch(back) side provides the best support for side sleepers

• Size : 20"x14.5"x5.5", Medium
• Shorter neck support tube for short neck length (1.6-1.9 inch)
• Longer neck support tube for long neck length (2.8-3.1 inch)
• Outer layer 100% cotton woven fabric
• Inner layer 30% Polyester & 70% cotton woven fabric
• Filler 100% Polyester Microfibers

DULLO Pillows are...
• The only double layer design available in the US: By using one side or together, it is pleasant and comfortable due to effective air ventilation.
• Designed to support head and neck
• Designed for various neck lengths
• Machine Washable in its entirety and fast drying (Please use Laundry Net while washing)
• Hypoallergenic
• Less lumpy and durable for washing due to short and thin microfiber
• Lighter than memory foam pillows, and 100% COTTON cover makes it soft and hygienic.
• Excellent for Travel & Pregnant women
• Good for humidity/temperature control
• Skin friendly

Package Dimensions: 20.0 x 14.5 x 5.5 inches